One Fear by Belle Brooks


Jessica’s Rating: 5 out of 5 Margaritas


Jessica’s Review

I thought it was a weird book.. but then again it is one of those twisted fairy tale trend books. One Fear will make you think and be wanting the next book to come out so you can read what else happens in the series. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat.

SPLIT by Alicia Rades


Jessica’s Review: 5 out of 5 Margaritas

Jessica’s Review

I beta read this book for the author and I am giving my honest review for the ARC of it. I really liked this book but that isn’t saying much since I REALLY LIKE all of Alicia’s books and I am even listening to her Frost Series on audiobook and will give my review on those when I finish. This book follows a girl who can’t decide and choose between two guys in school that want to date her.. Story of every girls life right? She gets help from someone in making her choice a bit easier and she goes through different scenarios on what it’s like to be dating each guy but there is a twist at the end that I won’t give away.. you’ll just have to get it on April 4th on Amazon and read it yourself. I can’t wait to read more of Alicia’s books as she writes them.. I think that she is a phenomenal author with great potential to do big things in the author world. 

One More Night by Sarah O’Rourke

One More Night Teaser Flag Now Live

Jodena’s Rating: 4 out of 5 margaritas

Jodena’s Review

Waverlee never thought she would meet the man of her dreams where she worked. She was stubborn, hardheaded but yet very independent. But then she met Crenshaw….. This was a good novella, easy read to ‘get away’ for a little bit. A little bit of your usual romance books, but it does make you think about some happenings. Nothing to much out of the ordinary happens, but you could guess what happens at the end. I would recommend this book to light read romance readers.

Bossed by Sloane Howell


Jessica’s Rating: 5 out of 5 Margaritas

Jessica’s Review

I thought it was a great read and a page turner that had me hooked from page one to the final page. I loved that the book was centered around baseball as I love that sport myself so that was a bonus while reading the book. This book made me want to read more of Sloane Howell’s past books and see if they live up to the potential that this book did. I did tear up at the end of the book just a bit though but it was a happy tear up.. not a sad one. I would recommend this book to anyone.

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The Survival Pact by Christy Sloat


Jessica’s Rating: 5 out of 5 Margaritas


Jessica’s Review

Another page turner by the amazing Christy Sloat. I started and FINISHED this book all in one day and couldn’t tear myself away from it. It had a bunch of suspense and action and this book is NOTHING like Christy’s ever written before and if you like zombies you’ll LOVE this book. If I had to be in that kind of situation.. I don’t think that I would have survived. I wouldn’t know what to do, where to go and most of all I don’t think I could outrun stuff. I look forward to Christy’s next book.

Finding the Magician by Belle Brooks


Jessica’s Rating: 5 out of 5 Margaritas


“Sometimes in death, a life is ensured.”

Abigail has been given a do-over and she’s not about to waste such an opportunity. Does a single red velvet box hold the key to the future she now hopes for? With lost memories restored and a heart that cries Marcus’ name, Abigail has one more piece of her puzzle to claim…finding ‘The Magician.’

Marcus gave up hope of ever holding Abigail in his arms, of ever claiming the one he knows to be his. Disappearing in a puff of smoke and leaving a world of heartbreak behind, he promises himself he’ll never look back, that he will finally let Abigail go. But can Marcus keep this promise to himself or will his heart be more persistent than his mind?

Jessica’s Review

Wow, This book threw me for a loop at the end.. I wasn’t expecting what happened.. to happen. I really enjoyed this series and grew to love each and every one of the characters in this book like they were my own friends and family. I felt their joys when they had them and their sorrows also. I think that this trilogy was different then any of the other series I’ve read. Belle and her brilliant mind at work again.

Dream Walker by Shayne Leighton COVER REVEAL & Book Trailer




There are dreams and there are nightmares. Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell the difference between the two. The challenge for Zero is how to balance being a little of both. Zero and his best friend Toad are Dream Eaters -warriors of human dreams, squaring up against Nightmares in nightly battles to preserve the peace. The flip side? They’re also two of the most cunning drug dealers in the Night Realm. Annie is a budding photo journalist with a shadowed past. The medication she takes suppresses her night terrors for a while, until a mysterious stranger re-appears to her over and over, and ultimately, her lens captures something she can’t explain. When the Council of the Night Realm mistakenly arrests and detains Annie along with Zero and Toad, she loses herself in a dark labyrinth of heists, terror and the impossible, facing nightmares she thought she’d put to bed…a long time ago.

About the Author

With over a decade of experience in the entertainment and publishing industries, Shayne Leighton is a creative professional with edge and quirkiness. Her debut novel, Of Light and Darkness hit Amazon’s coveted Top 100 overall bestsellers list once during the fall of 2015, and again in the summer of 2016, reaching the #4 spot. Having a background in film science, Shayne has produced book trailers and marketing materials for New York Times bestselling authors and major publishers such as Cynthia Leitich Smith (Tantalize, Candlewick Press), Alex Flinn (Towering, Harper Teen), and Kimberley Griffiths Little (When The Butterflies Came, Scholastic Press). She strives to be the Guillermo del Toro of the publishing industry, knowing what works visually and creatively to make stories a stunning experience that is visual, just as it is intellectual. She spends most of her time working on things that excite her, drinking coffee, traveling to the Czech Republic where she always finds new inspiration, and discovering hole-in-the-wall bookstores and coffee shops on her random adventures. Shayne is a Libra and a Ravenclaw. Her favorite book is The Night Circus (though soon it may be Six of Crows). Her wand is made out of Hazel wood with a Unicorn hair core 12 1/4″ long and reasonably supple flexibility. Her patronus is a robin. Find out more about Shayne, her books, music, and design work at

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